About Us

Safety Revolution was started in 2003 by an insurance broker and a farmer who were concerned about agriculture’s poor record in health and safety. The industry had seen an increase in mortality rates, in terms of outright deaths, and was being scrutinised ever more carefully by the Government in the guise of the HSE.

Safety Revolution’s aim was always to become the premier provider of H&S and HR services to farming, and independent sources have subsequently verified that those objectives have been achieved.

The system that we provide was created from scratch back in 2003 and has been built upon and perfected over time. It is now a comprehensive system that demonstrates simply to the farming client where their liabilities and weaknesses lie in relation to health and safety. Further, it gives a concise but simple action plan that focuses on practical things to do rather than just producing reams of paper. Though our competitors do provide plenty of paper, none do so in such a plain and simple way or back up their system with practical help and support throughout the process. Our constant commitment to supporting you and the system from day one into the future builds strong relationships. It ensures that what you purchased in year one never goes out of date but evolves with your business and becomes part of your business culture; it’s really that powerful!

If you would like to find out more information or have any questions, please contact us here.

Oliver Dale

Oliver Dale, Managing Director