Agri Business Health & Safety

By installing a comprehensive Agri Business Health and Safety System, you will be prepared when asked to produce the required documentation as proof of good safety management, including risk assessments and safe working practices as is often required by many governing bodies in the sector.

As well as satisfying their needs, demonstrating a commitment to your Health and Safety system often features in winning new clients.



Our Health and Safety Audit takes a holistic approach and looks at the activities across the whole of your agri business. Typically, the system is installed over a three-year period and follows 4 stages:

  1. Primary Audit – Feedback from our clients has shaped the initial visit into one that involves looking at the big picture from the outset. Lone working, staff travelling long distances and casual staff are all considered
  2. Action Plan – Findings from the Primary Audit shapes the Action Plan. Induction and training procedures, risk assessments and safe working practices may feature heavily
  3. Training Needs Analysis – Health and Safety awareness is improved through training, and this is vital if you have a high use of casual or seasonal workers. Training results in a clear understanding of safe working practices
  4. Ongoing Support and Guidance – Each business has a dedicated health and safety consultant available for site visits and training assessments, as well as responding to any queries. There is also a 24-hour support line, should you need it
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Our HR Assist services covers you for an array of Human Resources tasks. You will receive an initial visit to review existing procedures, discuss and advise on documentation.

Health and Safety

Our comprehensive system supplies you with Risk Assessments, Safe Working Practices and regular on-site visits from a dedicated consultant.


Agriculture encompasses a number of skilled roles and ongoing training is a key component to keeping your team compliant in health and safety law.


Working in agriculture it is likely you have a lot of chemicals on site. To ensure you are keeping your staff and site and keeping inline to with CoSHH regulations, we offer a CoSHH service.


Our Construction, Design & Management Co-ordinator service allows us to assume all responsibilities and take on the role of CDM Co-ordinator for you.

Fire Risk Assessment

Our well structured Fire Risk Assessment covers both a substantial Fire Risk Assessment Audit and the delivery of a comprehensive report.