Equine Health & Safety For Horses In The Entertainment Industry

Horses are used in different areas of the entertainment industry like circuses, rodeos, film and television projects, sport and more.  While they can be trained to work in various entertainment sectors, care must still be taken to ensure that their needs for shelter, exercise, transport, rest, safety and basic husbandry are met.  Their welfare must be a priority during training and performance.
The Animal Welfare Act, Horse Welfare Law as well as various other regulations highlight a duty of care for the owners of the horses. To be in breach of these laws can result in severe penalties and fines.

Equine Health And Safety Tips For Horses With Demanding Jobs

  • Housing provided must offer shade and adequate protection from harsh weather.  There should be enough room for them to lie down and move comfortably after hours of work.
  • An important aspect of equine health and safety is to have a suitable evacuation plan in place for the locations the horses will be based in.
  • Despite the scheduled work they have to do, the horses must be fed and watered at regular intervals.
  • Horses should have some form of exercise for at least half an hour every day.
  • Allow them to have adequate rest periods between their performances.
  • Horses must be trained using positive reinforcement techniques such as encouragement and reward for successful performance.
  • Make sure that equipment or any gear used during training or performance doesn’t cause any distress, pain or injury to the horse.
  • Equine health and safety should be of paramount importance when horses perform stunt scenes and a veterinarian must be consulted prior to the stunt and be present while the stunt is performed.

Help On Health And Safety With Horses

Safety Revolution are experts in providing health and safety services in agriculture and equine operations.  Our equine health and safety services have been utilised by a range of businesses that use horses. We are well equipped and can help you remain fully compliant with health & safety laws.
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