Farming Safety Not Acceptable Says Watchdog

What Does the Health Watchdog say about Farming Safety?

The health and safety executive who is the national independent watchdog for work related health, safety and illness said that farming safety measures are not adequate.  Though people working in the agricultural sector make up only a tiny part of the working population, one in five British workplace deaths happen.  The figures for non-fatal serious injuries have just shown little improvement.  People injured in this industry mostly don’t or never experience minor injuries, their injuries are very serious.
There are so many health and safety hazards in this industry including chemicals and pesticides, heavy machinery, tools and equipment, dangerous areas such as wells, silos, grain bins and much more. This industry is very rough and if you don’t know how to be safe, then you’re in for trouble.  If this pushes you to consider putting appropriate farming safety systems in place then it’s best to seek advice from experts like Safety Revolution.

What’s Outstanding about Farming Safety Systems from Safety Revolution:

You can get in touch with team members and gain an insight into the various farming safety systems we have in place.  We will then inspect your buildings and see which areas need to be addressed.  We will then craft out a system for your business and implement it.  After six months we will follow up and see if things are working fine.  After completion of one year, the farming safety system will be updated and the cycle will be repeated.  The cost of our services will depend on how complex your business is.  We will offer support and help throughout the process.
If you want to make your farm a safer place for you and all contact Safety Revolution at Suite L24 South Fens Business Centre  Fenton Way  Chatteris  Cambridgeshire  PE16 6TT  UK, telephone:  +44 (0)1354 694222,  fax:  +44 (0)1354 695811, email:  info@safetyrevolution.co.uk, w:  www.safetyrevolution.co.uk