Seven things that make a good Health and Safety specialist

With the recent news that HSE prosecutions are on the increase, and that the criteria for calculating fines has changed, you need to ensure you are selecting the best and most comprehensive method of keeping your employees and your farm, estate or equine facility safe. There has never been a more pressing time to improve the Health and Safety for your agricultural business.


Safety Revolution are your agricultural health and safety specialists and we have identified seven things to look for in your provider that are signs that you’ve chosen well;

  1. Rural specialists

Your health and safety advisor will be best equipped to manage your needs if they are a specialist in your ‘field’ of service. It stands to reason that a practitioner with a genuine interest in rural matters and who has developed a service to address the specific needs of each sector of the market will have a structured service able to deal with the very different risks encountered, for example in a large country estate versus a commercial dairy unit.

  1. Bespoke methods tailored to the clients’ needs

Tailoring and adapting to the diversification and size of business is important within agricultural. With the industry spanning the areas of arable, livestock and equine, from small holdings to large commercial facilities it is essential that your specialist is able to provide a bespoke service. Initial reports and detailed reviews of existing systems in place based on visits to your properties, annual and demand visits and ongoing maintenance of your plan should be the norm.

  1. Practical help and support throughout the process

You know you’ve chosen a good provider when over the course of your contract you receive annual visits and regular reviews of your needs, further risk assessment and advice on safe working practices. Filing of paperwork will be necessary, so are you provided with a helpful folder with space for you keep your own records and which contains advice of other areas specific to your business? Some health and safety specialists have forged relationships with other specialist providers that will bring further financial benefits such as insurance arrangements.

  1. Plain and simple action

Rather than producing reams of paper for many files that stay on the shelves after the necessary attention was once paid, a good health and safety specialist can offer a concise and simple action plan that focuses on practical things to do, instilling the commitment to change and improvement of health and safety as part of the business culture. With health and safety firmly consolidated within your business, workers and visitors will benefit from reduced risk and increased profitability.

  1. Contributing to the long term prosperity of rural business’ and estates

Your rural specialist provider will be invested in the long term prosperity of your business. If they can contribute to your estate driving forward best practice through health and safety, they will become part of your valued team and be integral to the lasting success of your enterprise. A constant commitment to you throughout the process from day one builds strong relationships, increases profitability and improves staff retention.

  1. Proactively facing challenges in the industry

If you are contracted to your health and safety specialist, are they driving the process helping to keep it on track and motivate you and your teams to make improvements and reduce risks? The business of agricultural health and safety management is to improve not just your facility, but the industry’s safety record and to reduce the number of serious incidents.

  1. Continual in-house training and development

It’s important for any company to stay ahead of impending changes and have a keen awareness  of any challenges that those changes may bring the clients. As a provider of a service that saves lives and prevents accidents it is imperative that your health and safety advisor stays observant of any training and development needs within their own team as well as yours. The expansion of knowledge along with practical and formal experience provides a well-rounded service.

“Agricultural is the most dangerous industry in the UK. In the last five years there have been 160 fatalities in the agricultural sector. There have been fatalities in our client base but none where there a deficiency on behalf of the client has been found, in that respect we have a clean sheet and A CLEAR track record. A fatality is tragic, our job is to enable the client to say we have done all we could to protect and prevent. Safety Revolution provides peace of mind to clients as well as encouraging a safe work environment for employees.” – Oliver Dale, Safety Revolution

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