Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Staying Safe When Using an ATV

The first thing to remember when operating an ATV is that anyone riding one should ALWAYS wear a helmet. Many ATV fatalities have been caused by head injuries but wearing a helmet could have prevented most of these.

Another key point to remember is that the long seat on an ATV allows operators to shift their body weight backwards and forwards for different slope conditions. It is not for carrying passengers.

Further tips for staying safe when using an ATV include:

  • Carrying out safety checks and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, e.g. regularly check tyre pressures, brakes and throttle
  • Securing loads on racks and making sure they are not over loaded and evenly balanced
  • Always reading and following the owner’s manual
  • Sticking to planned routes, where possible, and walking new routes if necessary to check for hidden obstructions, hollows or other hazards
  • Taking extra care with trailed or mounted equipment and understand how they affect stability
  • Making sure all those who will be operating the ATV receive adequate training