Training Employees On Adhering To A CoSHH Assessment

Every business has some sort of hazardous substances to deal with; therefore, every worker encounters hazardous substances to some extent.  In 2002, COSHH was introduced in order to protect people against risks of these substances when dealing with them or when exposed to them.

Importance Of CoSHH Assessment

The CoSSH regulations make it imperative for employees to conduct CoSHH assessment training for employees, in order to be aware of the risks involved with hazardous substances as well as being aware of appropriate measures to minimise risks.  Noncompliance will result in hefty fines, penalties, enforcement, imprisonment as well as facing compensation claims from the injured person.

If you are ready to include CoSHH assessment into your health and safety management practice, but wondering how to proceed, then head on to Safety Revolution.  We are a leading health and safety consultancy and have a great wealth of experience with offering health and safety services as well as CoSHH assessment and training to a wide range of industries.

CoSHH Assessment From Safety Revolution

Our CoSHH assessment will be tailored to specific substances and risks your workers face.  Our assessment will focus on the correct handling and storage of hazardous substances.  Our CoSHH assessment training will give your employees a sound understanding of their COSHH responsibilities for controlling hazardous substances.  From our assessment, your employees will be able to gain a better understanding of the CoSHH regulations, they will have a basic knowledge about the risk assessment process as well as control measures.

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