Bespoke Pricing


Coupled with Safety Revolutions consultancy services the Classic service provides a comprehensive solution to your H&S needs. Incorporating all features and content of the software system and app but supported by your dedicated Safety Revolution consultant. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


Unlimited user access

Web Browser Dashboard and

View reports of completed checklists

Access to MeritAgCheck through the checklists area

Schedule Checklists

Create your own checklists

Ability to upload site plans/maps

Safe Working Practice Builder

Editable template Safe Working Practices

Risk Assessment Builder

Editable Template Risk Assessments

Consultant document review

H&S policy statement

Full H&S Policy

Share documents with staff to read and sign on their app

Accident and near miss reporting

Access to virtual filing cabinet

Emergency contacts and plans

Induction, medical and PPE forms

Personnel Files

Create and Share Memos

Asbestos documentation

Contractors documentation

Record, assign and complete High Priority Actions

Primary Audit, Site visit, phone and email consultant support

Multiple Departments

Ongoing consultant support and guidance

Post Incident Support

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