CoSHH And Why It’s Important To You

Importance Of CoSHH:

A study proved that more than 140,000 people had breathing problems either caused by work or made worse by it.  Every year, at least 3000 new cases of occupational cancer are reported.  About 30,000 people had skin diseases including work related dermatitis.  Almost most of these accidents revolve around the use of chemicals.  Hazardous substances can be found in all work environments and is highly capable of producing ill effects.  CoSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) strives hard to protect working people from a variety of harmful effects from inhalation, ingestion or physical contact with hazardous substances.  These regulations have made it compulsory for all businesses involved with the use of chemicals to complete a CoSHH farming assessment as well asCoSHH sheet for each chemical.
All chemicals must be labelled correctly and must state all information about the chemical including how to handle them.  With the introduction of CoSHH every employer as the responsibility to assess the risks of exposure to hazardous substances to safeguard their employees.  Now if you have not taken necessary steps to keep your employees safe, then your employees are entitled to compensation for any injuries that occur at work.  Doing a CoSHH assessment will result in reduced occupational disease, improved working environments and reduced operational costs.

Turn To Safety Revolution For CoSHH Assessment:

Now if you are having difficulty with identifying any safety issues which could be potential cause of chemical injury then Safety Revolution can best help.  Our CoSHH assessment involves a systematic approach where hazards are identified and necessary precautions are taken to minimise and prevent accidents.  All our assessment techniques are of high standard.
For effective CoSHH assessment contact Safety Revolution at Unit 1, Manor Farm, The Street, Bridgham, Norwich, NR16 2RX, telephone: 0800 0281 965,  fax: 01993 709963, email:

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