Covid-19: Protecting and supporting our community at a difficult time

At Safety Revolution Ltd. whilst following government guidance to keep ourselves and our clients fit and well, our minds also turn to our wider community, especially the elderly and more vulnerable among us.

Our MD Oliver Dale has taken significant steps today to ensure that we, as Safety Revolution employees, don’t have to choose between our professional responsibilities and our responsibilities towards our families and our communities.

Mr. Dale said in his communications to the team, ‘Of greater concern to me – as I’m sure it will be to you – is the potential impact on the more vulnerable members of our society, either relatives or friends. It is beholden on us as a relatively strong and healthy team to help those more at risk wherever we can.’

Oliver encourages us to help those high-risk individuals wherever we can by introducing the following short term and temporary measures that extend our support beyond the scope of our own team to aid the wider local community.

  1. If you become unwell or suspect or become aware that you have had contact with an infected person, please follow the government guidance. The company will pay full pay for up to a two-week period of illness
  2. If a relative or friend within a vulnerable group becomes ill and you want to care for them the company will pay full pay whilst you do that, again initially for a two-week period
  3. Everyone needs someone at a time like this so if you are aware of for example an elderly person in the community who perhaps needs someone to keep an eye on them more frequently in whatever way is required or can be supported or comforted through this then the company will pay you whilst you do this – for up to two weeks or accommodate shorter periods of absence – to be agreed on a case by case basis
  4. If you wish to conduct any other form of voluntary work connected to this the same support will be available as detailed above
  5. If you become aware of a situation where financial support would achieve a better health outcome for someone bring it to me.

Safety Revolution hopes that these measures are if anything an over-reaction, but that is where we’d rather be. Wishing you all good health.

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