Equine Health & Safety

At Safety Revolution we have almost 20 years of experience working with a wide range of equine businesses. We help you to create a bespoke and effective Health and Safety management system, potentially reducing your insurance premiums and complying with requirements of governing bodies and insurers such as the Hurlingham Polo Association and British Horse Society. This provides protection and peace of mind to owners, club directors and partners.

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Our Health and Safety Audit takes a holistic approach and looks at the activities across the whole of your agri business. Typically, the system is installed over a three-year period and follows 4 stages:

  1. Primary Audit – Our first visit to your yard enables us to develop a deep understanding of your yard’s procedures and staff roles in order to draft risk assessments as well as documented processes and policies covering event, client and visitor management, horse handling and the wearing of certified protective equipment, such as boots and hats.
  2. Action Plan – The Primary Audit formulates recommended actions and next steps for you which will help protect all persons including staff, contractors, equine medical professionals, your clients, visiting teams and competitors and spectators.
  3. Training Needs Analysis – Incorporating your staff is a vital element of improving all health and safety on yards, especially if you have young workers and helpers, seasonal grooms working on site or casual competition staff.  We will be able to look at the requirements of the whole business, staff groups and individuals.
  4. Ongoing support and guidance – Over the three-year agreement we will continue to support you through regular yard visits and meetings with your dedicated Health and Safety Consultant. We also provide a 24hr support line if you require it. If an accident were to occur we can provide post incident support to guide you and help prevent re-occurrence.
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Our HR Assist services covers you for an array of Human Resources tasks. You will receive an initial visit to review existing procedures, discuss and advise on documentation.

Health and Safety

Our comprehensive system supplies you with Risk Assessments, Safe Working Practices and regular on-site visits from a dedicated consultant.


Agriculture encompasses a number of skilled roles and ongoing training is a key component to keeping your team compliant in health and safety law.


Working in agriculture it is likely you have a lot of chemicals on site. To ensure you are keeping your staff and site and keeping inline to with CoSHH regulations, we offer a CoSHH service.


Our Construction, Design & Management Co-ordinator service allows us to assume all responsibilities and take on the role of CDM Co-ordinator for you.

Fire Risk Assessment

Our well structured Fire Risk Assessment covers both a substantial Fire Risk Assessment Audit and the delivery of a comprehensive report.