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Essential Safety – If You Want to Start Somewhere, Start Here

Health & Safety Management – Why You Need It

Farming is a complex working environment where the use of heavy machinery is the norm and time is often in short supply. Large pieces of equipment, livestock, and dangerous machinery all make the agricultural industry a very dangerous environment. It is also the industry with the highest number of fatalities per 100,000 workers, suggesting safety might be a lower priority than in other industries. The rate of injury and death is around 18 times higher, while the chances of someone working on a farm today receiving a work-related injury or health problem over a five-year period is around 1 in 10. This is why it’s essential, even a legal requirement, to take health and safety on farms seriously. Health and safety is clearly a fundamental requirement for any farming business and should be regarded as an essential part of farm business management. We can help.

Essential Safety – What it is

As a farmer or estate owner you need to be aware of the potential hazards on your farm and how to mitigate them. This need not be onerous nor complex. There is plenty of information available from the Health & Safety Executive and other industry bodies. However, translating that information into accurately assessing your risks and implementing a mitigating action plan can be more daunting.

This is where Safety Revolution can help. We have been collaborating with farms, both large and small in health and safety for 18 years. We understand their daily operational and financial challenges, season in and season out. This experience and our expertise underpins our launch of Essential Safety, a new and foundational way to get farmers and estate owners up and running with an affordable and practical health and safety system. We want to help all farms, regardless of size or nature of work, to access health and safety support and deliver people home, safe, at the end of the day.

How We Can Help

With our new Essential Safety service, we help agri-businesses set out their health and safety policy to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees. This includes important elements such as risk assessments, safe working practices, pre-use equipment checks, correct issue and use of personal protective equipment, and staff training and communication. All this starts with auditing the current environment and assessing the risks.

Audit, report and action plan — following a full and thorough audit, we create a practical action plan. This addresses the improvements needed to start the journey to a safer working environment and compliance. The aim is always to provide the right insights and pragmatic solutions that the farmer or estate manager can implement.

Why Work With Us

We are not just consultants, we are agricultural specialists. We want to make sure that you can manage your day-to-day health and safety, by giving you the guidance you need to instil good practice across your business.  Health and Safety isn’t something a farmer or estate owner can do on his own. It needs buy-in from everyone.

When we work with a client, we like to build relationships. We are known for our long-term client collaborations. Our client commitment is no different when delivering our Essential Service. Although initially a one-off audit and report at the fixed price of £995 with no long-term commitment, we recognise that things can change, and farming businesses can grow and scale. Our experts remain available to provide additional advice and can give access to any of our other services, at discounted prices. As needs change, when it comes to health and safety, we wish to be there for all our customers, regardless of size or value of contract.

What Makes US Different

  • Essential Health & Safety Management System delivered for just £995 plus VAT.
  • Offering real peace of mind with practical health and safety advice and support.
  • 18 years’ experience exclusively helping farms, estates and agri-businesses.
  • We work hard to understand each farming business and deliver solutions to meet individual needs.
  • Our fundamental goal is to keep people safe and well at work, whilst raising the industry standards of Health and Safety in the agricultural sector.
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