Helping You With Your CoSHH

Working in agriculture it is likely you have a lot of chemicals on site. To ensure you are keeping your staff and site and keeping inline to with CoSHH regulations, we offer a CoSHH service. This service resolves around a file that we create with the help of you to ensure it fits your requirements exactly.

The building of the file follows the following process:

  1. We request data sheets from you on all the chemicals used throughout your business
  2. The substances identified from those data sheets are risk rated and grouped by our team
  3. A CoSHH file is then built for you. Ensuring it is constructed in such a way that it enables staff to identify how to handle and use the substance is the safest possible way

The file is automatically refreshed annually in October. Any data sheets submitted to us between reviews will be assessed by your consultant and included within the file, in the appropriate area and at their discretion.

Any questions you may have can be addressed through use of our hotline to which you already have full access through our existing service for you.

Each file contains:

  • Introduction

  • Explanation of CoSHH and staff sign off

  • General CoSHH risk assessments

  • Safe Working Practices

  • Spillage and Incident procedures