What We Do

Whether you are involved with arable, livestock or equine the basic outline of what we do is very similar. The details of our solutions however are completely tailored to your needs, and so although this outline is similar for all, the actual service you receive will be completely bespoke to you and your needs.Safety Revolution Folder

Our service is generally delivered over three years, with a considerable amount of work done at the start of year one, this is when the detailed review of your existing systems takes place. The initial report is based on a visit to your farm, a primary audit and detailed review of the current operations. We commit to delivering a draft report within six weeks of our first visit and a final report within seven days thereafter. From this review we also produce an action plan on how you can deal with and solve any outstanding issues and then provide ongoing guidance and support to assist you in implementing all aspects of it. We also provide dedicated telephone and web based support afterwards to assist with any questions or queries that you may have.

Years two and three of our service involve maintenance of the plan, an annual visit and on demand visits in the case of an accident or similar unforeseen event. In addition we also supply further Risk Assessments and Safe Working Practices.

In terms of content, the report we provide is an arch lever type file containing bespoke documentation on all of the above areas and with space for you to add completed forms and updated procedures as appropriate.

We believe that our bespoke service represents excellent value for money and is essentially an investment in risk reduction, and hence personal liability to the farmer and his family in the event of an accident. In addition the relationship that we enjoy with a number of insurance brokers and the confidence that they gain from our involvement often brings additional benefits to our clients when renewing their insurance arrangements.

Below is a complete step by step breakdown of the our process:

  • Step One

    It is likely that you will want to meet a member of our team before you decide to undertake an audit. We will meet you and discuss the merits of adopting this system on your farm before you buy. There is no charge for this service.

  • Step Two

    We will indicate in writing the cost of the system which is structured over an initial three year period and is priced according to the complexity of your business. As year one carries significantly more work it carries a heavier cost, whereas years two and three are approximately half of that price provided all other factors remain the same.

  • Step Three

    We undertake an on farm detailed audit of your business that requires you to make verbal responses to a number of questions pertaining to the way you run your business and the work you undertake. The visit will conclude with a survey of the farm and its buildings to identify any areas of concern not already revealed in the audit.

  • Step Four

    We produce a draft report within six weeks which will be very similar to the finished article. Your auditing consultant will then visit you again to ensure that the report is factually correct and that what is being proposed is both feasible and practical. This stage may include consultation with others in your business such as partners or employees. A timetable for essential work is drawn up linked to an action plan that avoids busy times of the year.

  • Step Five

    Once the system is agreed the final report is produced within two weeks and you can move to the implementation phase.

  • Step Six

    We check with you at the six month stage to ensure that the implementation of the system is running on course and that any queries not already dealt with are addressed.

  • Step Seven

    At the anniversary of the primary audit a year two audit picks up on any outstanding issues, updates the system and moves further down the initial action plan to address lower classes of risk. The cycle then repeats.

  • Conclusion

    This simple system encompasses all you need to achieve a superior standard of health and safety, and builds into a prudent investment in due diligence which is essential in these times of heavy litigation. Being prudent does not mean spending very much money but does mean protecting yourself from the stark liabilities before you. Be prudent and decide to make your farming business demonstrably safe.