Estate Health and Safety

Managing Estate Health and Safety is a juggling act and requires an increasing depth of knowledge in key areas. Health and safety law is a specialist area, the volume of new legislation quickly renders systems obsolete; having a good and effective system is often as much about knowing what you don’t need as much as what you should be doing.

We work as part of the management team to identify risks, develop an estate strategy to deal with them and then provide detailed plans to correct non-compliance. Achieving a satisfactory outcome is a combination of reducing the likelihood of injury or death and at the same time providing documentation to prove that you have undertaken your duty of care.

We will work with key individuals such as gamekeepers, woodsmen and foremen to increase awareness of good safety practice, discuss their particular needs and develop a team consensus around how best to improve safe systems of work.

If you’re an estate manager and would like to know more about how we could help with your H&S and HR management systems, please get in touch with us here.

Child and Public Safety


If you’re an estate owner or manager then it is possible children or members of the public have access to your estate.  If so, you need to look after their Health and Safety needs.