Farm Safety

On average, 43 people are killed in agriculture every year. As a result, farm workers face one of the highest injury rates in Great Britain. To help ensure the health of workers, farm safety should be a primary concern.

If you’re working in agriculture, you are two and a half times more likely to suffer a fatal injury than you are in a car accident. In recent years however the number of injuries and fatalities on farms has fallen.

It is in no doubt that a key factor behind this decrease in deaths and injuries is due the increased awareness of employee welfare in the industry, as well as the greater than ever focus on Health & Safety that works; not just policies and paper that cause extra hassle for little gain but efficient processes and systems that actively help out all stakeholders in the farming business.

Health And Safety In Agriculture

At Safety Revolution, we understand the importance of creating a farm safety system that is catered to your business. Unlike other companies, we will not just issue a generic scheme, but instead create a system that will ensure the health of your individual workers. Working with you and your employees, our aim is to build confidence within the team. We believe that to achieve complete safety within your farm, it is not just about implementing new processes, but believing in them. If farmers can understand the reasons behind the changes, farming safety measures will be more successful.

Farm Risk Assessment

We will assess all areas of your business, prioritising high-risk farm safety issues. By completing an agricultural risk assessment, we will be able to highlight areas of concern. The health and safety risk assessment which we produce will be tailored your business. Whether you are in livestock or an arable farm, we will ensure that your safety plan matches your business requirements. It is important to remember that effective farm safety is not just about ticking boxes, but making a promise to your employees.

Staff Talks

We also place great emphasis on staff training and development. Getting into the detail of jobs and appreciating how each member of staff feels about safety is part of our work. We advise, coach and train staff to make sure that your investment delivers a deeply rooted health and safety culture.

If you’re a farm owner or manager and would like to know more about how we could help with your H&S and HR management systems, please get in touch with us here.

Featured Client

Robert Barnes

“My staff have taken ownership of farm safety. I regularly get feedback – some of it is light-hearted but it shows they’re thinking about it”

Robert Barnes of L.E. Barnes & Sons farms 2000 hectares at Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire.